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D.G. Set Division

Generator SetsA Company of Engineers, TEIL  specializes in manufacture of Diesel Generating Sets for various applications including system design and engineering. With over 50 years of cumulative experience in the specialized fields of Pumping Plants assembling and installation, which includes Electrical and Diesel Power Plants TEIL’s technical prowess is testified by our International Clientele and high service reliability. 

TEIL has a fully integrated Diesel Generating Sets manufacturing facility for sets up to 2000 KVA  at Saharanpur, India. TEIL also handles complete contracts for Pumping Plants, including Electrical and for Diesel Power Plants optimally utilizing its experienced rich skilled pool of engineers and tradesmen.

With in-house design and manufacturing facility TEIL is competent to design and manufacture Generating Sets of high complication and specialty with relative ease. TEIL has also been serving the nation by working for the Indian Defense for the past 26 years, having executed multiple contracts successfully by designing and manufacturing stationary and Portable Diesel Generating Sets for various rating to find application in L-70 Guns, RCPO, Mobile Radar and Communication. 
Trolley Mounted Generator SetsOur rich heritage has earned us the clients like Indian Space Research Organization and various Thermal Power Stations, Hydro-Electric Power Stations as well .

Having to its credit THE WORLD'S LARGEST PUMPING STATION funded by the World Bank  
[under direct supervision of World renowned consulting engineers- M/s. Binnie and Partners U.K.] TEIL’s skill are at work in far and wide place as Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Tanzania etc.