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A Group of skilled and committed Engineers, specializes in manufacture of Diesel Generating Sets for various applications including system design and engineering. These skilled craftsmen of new-age technology have 50 years of cumulative experience in the specialized fields of Pumping Plants assembling and installation, which includes Electrical and Diesel Power Plants. Today TEIL boasts of a unwavering commitment to excellence demonstrated over the years with the following product line up:

  • Generator SetsDiesel  Generators
  • Generator Standard & AMF Panels
  • Mobile Trolly
  • PIU
  • Fire Alarm Panels
  • Cable Trays
  • Telecom Towers
  • Shelters
  • Heat & Smoke Detectors
  1. Diesel Engine Driven IndiaNo-break power system for Radar & Communication project
    organization of the Indian air Force for their Stations spread all along the country's borders. 
    100kva, 400Hz, 220v, 
  2. Diesel Generating sets for internationat Airport Authority of India
    for their major International Airports upto cat. II category (Runway Lighting) which is again a No-Break power system when the Aircraft is landing on the Runway.
  3. Emergency power supply D.G sets for Major Thermal power Stations in India, such as:
    NTPC power stations at Badarpur, Singraull and Farraka.
    1. NTPC power stations at Badarpur, Singraull and Farraka.
    2. Madhya Pradesh state Electricity Board, Satpura and Korba.
    3. U.P.S.E.B Thermal Power stations at Paricha and Tanda.
    4. Maharashtra state Electricity Board power stations- Karodi, Uran, Chanderpur, Parii.
    5. Kamataka Power Corporation Thermal Power Station at Raichur.
    6. Kolaghat Thermal Power station of west Bengal power Development Corporation through BHEL.
    7. Khaper Khera Thermal Power Station, M.S.E.B through BHEL
    8. NALCO Captive power plant through BHEL.
    9. P.S.E.B Ropar Thermal Power Station.
MIL STD Generator Sets 400 Hz DG Sets Trolley Mounted Generator Sets
  1. Telecom TowersWe have successfully executed a contract for supply and installation of 6No.s 5OOkVA DG sets with ancillaries for chukha Hydet project, Bhutan, operating in paraMet.
  2. We have also successfully executed contracts for putting up Diesel power stations in Zanzibar (Tanzania), Indonesia etc.
  3. We have also provided 3No.s lOOOKVA Generating Sets for Penden Cement Authority in Bhutan.
  4. Suratgarh Thermal Power Station
  5. Panipat Thermal Power Station
Trailer Mounted Generator Sets Mobile Telescopic ms. Structures

We have successfully executed the following set.

  1. DGAQA4 x 1250 kva, 11kv at Herohonda Motors Ltd
  2. 3 x 1250 kva at Herohonda Motors Ltd, Gurgaon
  3. 1 x 1250 kva, 11kv at ISRO, Bangalore
  4. 2 x 1000 kva, 11 kv at ISRO Shrihankota 
  5. Genset 4kva Skid /Trailer mounted with Greaves Light Wt Engine - 546 nos- Director Gen of Ordance, Min of Defence
  6. Genset 11.2 KVA Trailer Mounted with HA 394 Diesel Engine  - 119 nos - DDP7S, Ministry of Defence, EME/Signal
  7. Ground starting aggregate for Jaguar and MIG Air Crafts at Chandigarh with automatic Control including including 400 Hz alternators - 10 nos - TC (Aero), DGAQA Min of Defence, Ground Starting aggregate for Aircraft
  8. Genset 100 kva, 400 hz, mounted on Ashok Leyland- 4 nos- P-40 Radars
  9. Genset 11kva Commercial Trailer Mounted - 250 nos- WE6 AHQ - for EME/SIG

General Specification of Standard DG Set         Click here for more details